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Siem Reap Transportation

Cambodia is a developing country because the civil war was just completely finished in 1998 but we have a lot of smooth roads, schools, hospitals, markets, beautiful hotels and guest houses, nice and clean restaurants now and Cambodia is a country which is known as a country where there are a lot of temples, such as Angkor Wat that is a world heritage temple. Transport is one of important thing that the people need to move or transfer a lot of things from one place to the other.

We can travel and transport the people or the thing from one capital or province to the other in haft or one day by bus, taxi and boat because Cambodia is a small country.

Tuk Tuk(Remork) 


Types of vehicle Per Day
 Airport Pick Up or Drop Off
 Tuk Tuk (Reumork) 15$USDFree
 4-seat Car (Toyota Camery) 30$USD 5$ USD

***Due to the long distances from Siem Reap, which may require traveling from early morning untill very late at night, please see the additional rates for driving to the following locations:                            

 Extra Rate to Per Day Rate


 Sunrise Tours (Starting before sunrise) 5$ USD 7$ USD
 Banteay Srey 10$ USD 10$ USD
 Kbal Spean 15$ USD 15$ USD
 Kulen Mountain  40$ USD
 Beng Melea 20$ USD 40$ USD
 Koh Ker Group  80$ USD

*** All kinds of transportation rates include the cost of fuel, parking tolls, driver fees and free cool waters and towels.
*** To ensure your satisfaction, tour guides and/or drivers are only paid at the end of your tour with us.

PLEASE NOTE: All vehicle drivers are prohibited to guide tourists in Angkor Archaeological Site. If you need tour guide, you have to book in advance. Tour guides are not available within the temple areas.

The temples of Angkor are not far from each other so the most bag packer’s tourists who they want to get an independent on traveling always like to take Tuk Tuk, Bicycle, Motor Taxi, Car, van and Bus to see all the temples of Angkor but they think that taking about Tuk Tuk is cheap and on the other hand they can save their budget to travel the other countries.

I think that the most people who want to come to visit Cambodia know Tuk Tuk as Thailand word or “Remork” as Cambodian word.

This is a local transport which is made since the year of 2001, Tuk Tuk is a very comfortable transportation, safe and protected the sun and rain by the roof and raincoat, It can carry between two to four persons, depending on you are big or small.

I hope that you will take this kind of transport during your holiday in Siem Reap to see Angkor Wat. I am waiting to serve you, my service here with happily.

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